Hello I'm

Vivek Jayaram

I'm a machine learning researcher at the University of Washington. My interests lie in AI for music, images, and audio.

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Research Highlights

Full Research Page
Neurips 2020 (Oral)

The Cone of Silence: Speech Separation by Localization

Speech sepearation and localization via spatial search

CVPR 2020

Background Matting: The World is Your Green Screen

Replace your background using a handheld smartphone. Our results significantly outperform segmentation methods.

ICML 2020

Source Separation with Deep Generative Priors

Using recent advances in generative modeling to enable a bayesian approach to source separation.

Music and Photography

J Rom Music

DJing and producing is what sparked my interest for AI/ML in the first place. I'm always looking to blend human and artificial creativity.


Photography allows me to capture the beauty of the natural world and those who inhabit it. I've also done some events from time to time.

Projects and Work

CS50 Ethiopia

I recently spent 3 months in Ethiopia with Harvard CS50 to implement university curriculum and train instructors. Read more about the project.

Second Spectrum

I worked for several years on cutting edge vision and analytics for sports startup Second Spectrum.

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